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Reflections on feedback received

The OCA asks us to show how we may have reflected or acted on feedback received from our tutor. I thought that rather than pasting all the feedback in from all assignments, I would comment on the feedback elements that had substantive contents, so that I can work out whether these will be useful for the last assignment.
Feedback from assignment 1-3
Overall I think the feedback I get is positive. Tutors (I have had two on this course), have commented that my commitment is coherent, that I choose good exhibitions etc to visit and that my learning log is consistent and clearly laid out.
My work is' thorough' one said, and I have worked experimentally on samples. Connections between my own work and that of other artists was given favourable comment, and I get a feeling that my work style and process is OK.
you have used drawing to explore photographs as a way of generating design ideas.  This is an excellent way of working and I encourage you to continue to develop this method of working.

On the learning log - one tutor said I was using an academic style, the other said that it is 'articulate and reflective in a loose functional style'. So, not sure what to make of this. One also said that I should spend more on my practice and less on writing, while the other said that I should include all my information from the workbook, and to describe my work more fully. Well, this is a finely balanced thing. I have throughout stated that I will not put any images on the blog that carry risks of breaching copyright, I will be placing links to other people's work instead. And in terms of describing my work, I find this a difficult thing to balance - the blog takes a lot of time to complete, it is a slower process to write than to talk, which is a short-coming of not having face to face tutorials with the work in the room to discuss with a tutor. 

Learning points

In assignment two the advisory pointers included:

Explore a theme, create mind maps and observational drawings to respond to through your assignment work.

Further, from assignment three:

     Continue to work experimentally with your materials
     Maintain the development of your online learning log
     Draw and mark make regularly in a personal sketchbook
     Consider doing a section of the Foundations for Textiles Course.

For my second assignment I also got some surprising feedback - The tutor thought I hadn't machine stitched into soluble fabric to create new fabric before. I am not sure what made her say that, I had used that technique for my textiles A-level (the final exam piece she had seen in a separate email), and she also suggested I might stitch into my final printed sample, which I had done. Of course she had not seen the final sample, but I am sure I had explained this about the piece in the blog. 


You have mentioned that you’d like more time creating the work; perhaps this is worth considering? I’d like to see you extending your pieces, when something has gone well, recreating and extending it whilst neglecting what was no so positive about a piece until you have reworked a piece several times with reflections at each stage. 
I suggest you explore the colour you use for your samples in more methodical way by creating colour palettes.  Use either paints or a computer programme like Photoshop to make colour chips arranged in suitable palettes.
On the final learning points and advice on artist's work to consult provided - this is a funny one. Some of this advice relates to a given assignment and is given in retrospect, and once one is entering another assignment when the feedback arrives from a previous assignment the skill set being tested has changed or may warrant a different approach.

And, not surprisingly, both tutors encouraged drawing more. I do agree with this, but the issue is two-fold - time and skill. I have a busy job and am tired when I get home. I have had some lulls in the course work for that reason, and find that when I get home and work on samples there is little time for additional work on drawing. Hence I voluntarily asked for, and was advised to do, the sketchbook work as I thought that might inspire me further. I will probably do the drawing course after this one to gain in confidence with my drawing skills.

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