Monday, 2 February 2015

Theme book - ass. 7 and project 10 to come - photo resource

I have a bit of a collection of photographs that would be useful as source material for tree designs. I will add photos over then couple of months as I take more.

This series has been taken in the same woodland area. There is a nice pond there and the woods are a mixture of commercial conifer areas and deciduous sections.

Reflections in the pond

OK, mostly a water lily scene, but the darker green surface areas are shadows of trees.

Tree and branch reflections

A branch dipping into the water

Reflections of leaves

This one worked well I think - a reflection of trees in a puddle - the pebbles and grit from the path frames the cut, and there are overlays of natural shading, dappled light

A couple of trees in a historical garden - this is about the overall shape of the tree rather than detail

A woven tree from a verdure
A line of conifers with horse jumps
Trees along the river at Angers, France

A great way to respect the tree - a feature outside a building in Angers, France
Trees as decoration on a Danish building, Aarhus

Shapes of branches reaching upwards

Trees in a landscape

Bare branches

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