Sunday, 8 February 2015

More tree photos - an afternoon project

It was a sunny afternoon and as the sun was lowering the shadows got to a stage that promised some interesting photos. I got a new camera recently and hadn't used it properly so this was a good time to try it out on a photo project. What I include here are some of the better ones, but I did experiment a bit, including shaking the camera furiously to try to get some interesting shapes and with a bit of camera shake I have made some cropped selections to get other effects that may lend themselves to textile experiments.


A detail from a line of conifers

A conventional picture of a tree - I took a lot of these, and it would be tempting to add lots of tree photos here, but I am trying to keep the photos to interesting ones I got quite excited about

A large branch from a tree with strange twisty branches
Not sure what these are called - like flowers on a not-quite budding tree

Trees in the landscape and near buildings help create particular environments and shape a feeling about a place - here a medieval church with a few trees around it

A yew tree in the churchyard

A diversion - an ancient roman wall which here shows how the stones making up the wall have been laid out in almost a herringbone pattern

More trees in the landscape

Trees in the churchyard and looking beyond - here also something about looking through trees when they have bare branches
Twigs at the end of branches lit up with bright sunlight
A large tree and overhead a few birds in flight. For some time I have been trying hard to capture migrating birds, but always get the camera out when they have almost flown away, or my camera is too weak to capture the full line of birds. Today I think I caught a formation that looked quite good above the trees
 After that small digression back to the trees

More looking through trees, this is the part of my photo project where I moved the camera quickly around to see what would happen, and look at this, the camera caught these blobs of light! - I like these, they work well

I also tried again with grey trees and less light coming through

Here's the effects achieved by this

These shaken pictures take the tree idea and stretches it into something abstract and I think this work is more about the photo than the theme, but it is effective anyway and could be used for abstract textile designs

Here are some details from one of the distorted images, they work quite well too; there are suggestions of pattern, and mark making

Some of these suggest the trees and branches more than others. All in all I really enjoyed the photo project I set myself, a small quick and intense exercise to free up thinking about visualising trees.

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