Monday, 16 June 2014

From the small sketchbook

I recently started a small sketchbook. I know that the recommendation is to do some drawing every day, but I work full time and with the time spent on writing on the blog alone to enter the reflective learning, there is little time to stop and focus on drawing as well during the week. So, I try, and when there is a moment I have a go.

This is mainly to try to get into the idea of thinking visually. At the moment my themes are a bit random, from a birds nest to trees to mushrooms. Probably better not to worry and just put something down. Here are a few things done in a single sitting in a churchyard that was getting colder and darker as the evening progressed. In the end I had to leave as it got damp and I was sitting on the ground.

Grasses and ox-eye daisies, I enjoyed doing these, not necessarily strenuous to draw, but kindly to the eye and a gift from nature.

A very large pine amongst shorter bushes  and trees

From a photograph of autumnal mushrooms

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